To Be Checked Tickets

tbc ticket

When a support request is made, a ticket is set to To Be Checked status when the ticket is completed by the developer. When you create a support ticket, you will be responsible for checking the ticket, however, there are situations where you may check someone else’s ticket.

A ticket may not always be reviewed the moment it’s completed due to the general nature of support. The person assigned to check the ticket may be assisting a client or working on a time-sensitive task.

If a client calls in about a support request, check the status of the ticket as always. If the ticket is in To Be Checked, then check to see if the request was completed, before telling the client the ticket is in process.

Just because a ticket is still open in the account, does not necessarily mean it is still being worked on, it may just be waiting for check. Sometimes, you may actually see that the ticket is done, this will allow you to update the client in real time and close the ticket, saving both us and the client time.

  • Check tickets ASAP
  • If correct, close ticket
  • Only call if client requests follow-up
  • Take out of TBC status if following-up with client
  • If NOT correct, send back as open to the production rep. (Tracking sheet for corrections
  • Correct, but want to make additional changes? Open a new ticket


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