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  • Package prices DID change a bit.  I've updated the resource site to match the new changes on the Corp site, and the future change for podiatry/other markets. Hosting is back down to 39.95, and chiro patient Ed has been included into the gold package and higher for chiro.


  • Chiropractic Patient Education Package Contest
  • Want to get the word out on this new product
    At the end of every call, ask if the client has seen our new product information for the patient education library.  
  • If they have not, send an email with more information.  
  • Once you the email, you will fill out this form for tracking. Each time the you fill out the form and sends the email, that will be one entry into a drawing at the end of the contest 
  • The person with the most entries will win $100 gift card! We will then draw 2 winners for $50 each!  (**Winner not eligible for additional drawings, can’t win twice)
  • If you sells the product, that will be an additional entry into the drawing (on top of commission!) 
  • Contest runs through the end of September!



  • Updated the webmail preview to show the preview check box- it will be there for when clients login to webmail moving FW.




  • Facebook is having some issues today, so some posts might not be going out and profile pics/ cover photos are not loading in case anyone calls about it. 


  • From Lindsey: Hey guys so this Facebook issues has gone from bad to worse, I'm currently unable to access business pages in any capacity. My work arounds have also stopped working. I am working on trying to put out this dumpster fire but I'd advise clients it could take some time to get any edits done and if they are admins I'd encourage them to try to take care of them on their end. I'm happy to help walk them through anything they don't know how to do. If they need to be added as admins please open a ticket for me with their personal Facebook page link and the email they use to log into the account if possible and I will get to it ASAP. Thanks!
  • Newsletters uploaded to portal, send date is July 5th. Old editor is the 23rd unless changed by the account level.


  • 888-932-5560 will be removed from and the local number will be up due to 888 being ported into Ring Central. The 888 number will be back on the website on Wednesday, June 26.


  • Lindsey is  sending out emails to clients who have cancelled SM with us and only have us listed as admins. This is an opportunity for them to get access to their Facebook page we created if they wish to keep it. Eventually we will be sending out additional emails letting them know we will be deleting the page if no action is taken. There may be some calls about that from current or cancelled clients.


  • Ralph is moving away from Baystone and will be working for Officite (ENFRA)


  • Website has been updated with the new RG360 information - let Olivia know if you see any page/PDF with the wrong info and it will get updated.
  • Patti is now Director of Operations for Baystone, Therapy Sites, and Baystone.
  • Zoe is moving to Officite to assume the role of Client Experience Team Lead
  • New open role for Team Leader for Dental Teams - if you or someone you know is qualified to apply for this role, please pass on the details so they you/they can be considered through the recruitment process


  • Not able to get Rackspace NS updated for about 10 different clients. 
  • IB is deleting our Rackspace account
  • Purchased new/similar domains for all of these clients so their websites stay live
  • All of their old domains are still listed on the accounts, therefore, you will still be able to pull those accounts up with those domains. 
  • If a client calls about this just let them know they will need to update their NS and their old domains can go back live. 
  • Please create a ticket or message me and I will switch them back. - IT Joe

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