Domain Renewal / Management

Domain Management vs Domain Ownership

If a client is unsure about letting us manage their domain they have two options:

  • They can manage their own domain, but they will be responsible for updating an DNS, E-Mail Records, as well as renewing the domain.
  • If they do not want to do this, and they are still unsure about “giving” us their domain, please share the following e-mail script


At Online Chiro/Online Podiatry Sites/Baystone Media, we offer domain management services on a year-to-year basis. With this, we will automatically renew your domain for you on its’ date of renewal. This service is priced at $25/year and covers the cost of domain renewal.

Additionally, we can maintain any e-mail records associated with your domain and adjust them per your request. If at any time you would like us to transfer the domain back into your management, we will happily do so. Even if we manage your domain, you are the sole owner of it. Thank you!


Double Checking Domain Renewal

Unique Scenario*

When reaching out on migrations, sometimes you may notice that the domain is down. There will be a notice when attempting to visit the domain. This is not for when a site is down because they are on the billing list, only when the domain has expired. There will be a unique notice for this.

In this case, check to confirm if the domain has expired. You should see the expiration date in the top area of the whois, and you’ll also see that it has information under “Status” that lets you know the domain has expired.

Once you’ve confirmed the domain has expired, you will need to check with Tech or management to see if the domain is in our Register account. When a domain expires, the information on changes and is no longer accurate. This needs to be checked manually by tech.

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