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  • When providing support via chat, it’s important to represent yourself and the company with the same professionalism you would as if you were talking to someone on the phone
  • Team Leads will review chats as the transcripts are sent in
  • Chat statistics are recorded as a performance metric
  • We may message you with feedback from time to time if there is any room for improvement

Availability on WhosOn

  • To keep workloads even, please only log in to WhosOn on your scheduled day via the BS Google Calendar
    • If your assistance is needed to fill in for a teammate, you’ll receive a message asking for your help
  • Please continue to log off at EOD so everyone can get on in the morning
  • We’re logging the number of chats each person takes and tracking an average so please only login under your specified credentials (don’t use anyone else’s name or password)
  • Everyone is doing great taking chats in as they come, so please continue to support one another!
  • Beginning of day: get logged in and set as “Available”
  • During lunch: log yourself out or set yourself as “Away”
  • End of day: log out of chat completely
  • *Ensure your settings match the following:

chat settings

Some *Extra* Chat Protocol

If a client chats in requesting a call, please refer to the following protocol

If you’re on a phone call:
-Explain via chat that you are assisting another client on the phone and they have 3 options:
-They can receive chat support via your open chat
-They can wait for your call, however it may be some time
-They can call into the support line

If you’re not on the phone:
-Call the client
-Clients  do not know our chat schedule, and should not be requesting certain reps to call them, just like clients shouldn’t be calling in, asking to only speak with one rep. 

Chat Tips

Here are some Chat Tips for the team: 

  • When you come in everyday one of the first things you want to do is check your calendar. The calendar will tell you if you are assigned to chat.
  • To access chat - go to your chat icon. If you do not have it installed let management know.
  • When you get a chat you do not hit "don't accept queue calls" -- chats are usually quick and you can always say "one moment please"
  • Always ask for the domain name so you can pull up the right account.
  • Verify that the person you are assisting is an account contact. If they are not, we can answer general questions but we can't make changes to the site/account and we can't give out account details.
  • Do not be afraid to tell the Dr. that you are researching their question and you will be back with them in a moment. If it will take longer than 2 minutes, try to check in with them.
  • Mention any open tickets on the account as well, just make sure to notate the open tickets.
  • Usually people chat to ask you to reset a password or update the website. You can get some SEO situations.
  • Remember that there is no spell check in chat so you can use Google to check your spelling.
  • Remember to log out of chat at Lunch!
  • When you want to exit a chat, make sure you click "exit chat and close" not just "close".
  • If a client is unresponsive after 3 minutes, ask if they are still there. If it has been 5-7 minutes, say "We have not heard from you in quite a while. I will be disconnecting this chat. If you have any questions, please open a new chat, give us a call at 888-932-5560, or email is at [email protected]. Thanks!"
  • Client and management gets a record of chat transcripts - keep chat professional.

Good Chat Example

good chat example

Identifying Opportunities in Chats

Identifying Opportunities in Chats

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