Listings Pro


Increase the visibility and credibility of the client’s practice online. The package includes directory submissions, local map verification, and indexed service pages. We are a reseller of the Yext product.

**1 LP package is good for 1 location – each additional location will need an additional package**US ONLY**Need to have website with us

Complete Directories

    • Submit to provider directories
    • Name, address, website, phone, services, description, and pictures
    • Basic Contact info: Name, Address, and Phone Number
    • Provides a consistent brand image (citation)
  • Helps put client’s practice on the map by being the single source of truth for the data about their facilities and personnel
  • More people are finding the information they need on other sites, maps, and apps and these sites are craving structured data to answer a patient query.
  • Accurate and up-to-date information about the practice can be updated instantly (some directories do take a little time to update)

Index service pages

    • Gold package only indexes the homepage
    • LP package has the “service” pages indexed


    • Creates additional ways for patients to find website
    • Local Directories is like when you Google an address and you are given 5 different ways to get to the same place. This package creates new avenues to get to the website

Protect Listings

    • Listings are locked from data aggregators or outside 3rd parties from editing the listing
    • Imagine only cutting your grass once - the grass will grow back! The same goes for LP listings

Key Takeaways

Update of ~60 + Websites

Instant updates of LD sites when there is a change

Protect listings from changes that could affect rankings

Index Service pages

Identifying Pitch Opportunities

Key Phrases to Listen For:

  1. I’m looking for more exposure online/web traffic.
  2. I would like my listing to be found on yellow pages, google local, etc.
  3. I would like people to be able to find my information on different websites.

Benefits of Listings Pro:

  • The LP package provides a lot of benefits to clients by getting them submitted to various listings online in places such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, and the other most popular directory listings available.
  • The more places a business is submitted the better. This package can help increase a client's web presence and have a positive impact on their SEO. The more places your info can be found online, the better chance the client has of being found.

Example: You can’t guarantee patients by being on directories, however, we can guarantee that if a potential patient is searching for a doctor on Yelp, the doctor will have no chance of gaining that persons business if the doctor’s practice is not listed or has inaccurate info.

Things to Know:

  • Hosting is now required for LP
  • There is only one full version of this product and there is no discount.
  • The client does not need to know the product is powered by Yext
  • Gold package only indexes the homepage- LD package has the “service” pages indexed additionally
  • Listings Pro allows for easy updates across all listings when business information changes (hours of operation, address, etc.)
  • Locks listings from any outside data aggregator
  • Creates additional ways for patients to find website
  • Listings Pro is like when you Google an address and you are given 5 different ways to get to the same place. This package creates new avenues to get to the website

Listings We Submit To

  • Google My Business
  • Rate MD 
  • Healthgrades 
  • WebMD 
  • Vitals 
  • Sharecare 
  • Caredash 
  • Wellness 

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