Overview / Protocol

We are a subscription based service with no contracts.

Clients primarily have a credit card on file or e-check (electronic check). Our system recognizes when a credit card has been declined or needs to be updated, that is called the Billing List. The billing list is called (2x) a week.

The billing list is contacted by our Retention Specialist. If the RS is out, CS may be responsible for calling the billing list.

The billing is auto-debited from their account. We do not call or email before this happens. If they are charged on the 10th of the month, next month they will be billed on the 10th. If they want to be notified, try to get the client on 6 month or annual billing. They will also get a discount if they pay in these time frames.

If billing is declined for more than 72 hours, the client’s website will be temporarily unavailable until it is paid.  When we update billing information and it goes through, the website will automatically be live and the client will be removed off the billing list.

Billing Protocol

  1. Call
  2. Call
  3. Email

When a client’s card is declined, they already receive an email about it. By calling twice and then emailing, this will ensure that we talk to someone at the practice, or at least leave two voicemails. We do not want the doctor to be upset that we didn’t personally reach out to him.

Payments accepted

  • American Express (Amex), MasterCard, Visa
  • E-check
  • Paper check  (try not to do paper check)

Backup credit card

A secondary card on file in case their primary card gets declined. Not every account has a backup card, but we have the option to add one if they would like.

Billing Terms

  • Monthly –default term of payment
  • Quarterly (No Longer Offered) – offered in the past and some clients still pay quarterly
  • 6 Months –minimum term that can be used to pay by paper check – 5% discount
  • Annually – if a client wants to pay for a full year they will receive a 10% discount.  They can use any form of payment, including paper check

Multiple account billing

Clients with multiple accounts can be billed differently:

  • All of the billing can be done through one account and charged to one credit card (same account ID, different website IDs)
  • Each account can be billed individually on the same credit card (different account IDs and different Website IDs)

Domain Billing

Domain name is free for the first year (for the first domain that we purchase) then $25 per domain annually to renew the domain.

Billing Tickets

If a ruling on a request for a refund or account credit is needed, always reach out to management first for approval, then open a ticket outlining request for Olivia.

Tickets for Olivia

  • Account reactivation
  • Additional Website sales
  • Account Splits
  • Refund / Credit

Tickets for Retention Specialist

  • Adding products
  • Removing products
  • Billing date adjustments
  • Recurring invoices

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