Client Editor (Old Admin)

The client editor holds notes and account information for an individual client. This is also used to edit the old editor website, viewing billing information, and creating tickets.  The client editor can be accessed by clicking the Pencil in the admin or the client goes to the market website (i.e. or

(*denotes use for old editor only)

My Account

  • My Profile – Name, Address, Phone, Fax, Email, Change password,
  • My Billing – Billing History, update credit card/e-check information
  • My Referrals – clients refer accounts to earn 1 month free hosting if they sign up
  • My Domains –domain names in account
  • Email Accounts – access emails (not used)
  • Email Address – view list of emails on the account –not always accurate, check with a lead or IT if you are unsure

My Website 

  • Edit Website* – make changes to old editor website
  • Change Design* – change templates
  • File Library* – show history for images and PDFs
  • Website Members* – members only section with login can provide special info or promotions
  • Custom Buttons* – where you can view the buttons for the designs (used more by production)
  • Settings* – settings for the account, update mobile site options
  • Domains/IIS Configurationadd/remove domains from the account, put a domain in for purchase
  • File Manager* – an extended file library (used more by production)

My Marketing

  • My Marketing – view current package or upgrade package
  • Marketing Tips* – video tips and PDFs on how to market your practice on the web
  • E-Communication* – address book, upload email addresses, birthday cards, newsletter, schedule email blasts
  • Social Networking – approve social media posts, schedule posts
  • Google Analytics* – paste in GA code, tracks website through Google Analytics
  • Website Performance* – shows website page and unique views
  • My Reviews* – if client has RG360, this will appear and it takes them to the RG portal


  • Custom System Emails Sent – resend or view any emails a CS rep has sent
  • Enter a Request/Check Current Request – enter a request for the website, reopen old tickets
  • Quick Answers – FAQ guide (best viewed in Firefox)
  • Complete Support Tutorials - videos
  • Initial Overview Help Video* – help video that pops up the first time a client logs into the account
  • Schedule a Walkthrough* – schedule a live webinar with a Rockin’ Web Support Team Member (no longer used)


  • Updates and warnings on account (no longer used)

View Site Live*

  • Takes you to live website (what customer sees)

Referrals CS

  • View the client’s referrals


  • View tickets on the account and view any internal notes

Our Location

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Office Hours

All times in CST


8:00 am-5:00 pm


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