Company Policies

Phone Numbers   

If you are going to be late or absent, you must notify management. Group text is preferred.


  • Please be mindful when requesting time off. Make sure to check the calendar first for team availability.
  • Be sure to make any PTO requests in advanced when possible as this will make it more likely to be accepted and we can schedule around it.
  • For reference, the company PTO policy is noted below:
    • "The scheduling of PTO is based on the Company's operational needs and the reasons and requests for PTO and leave of absence of other employees."

Logging into Kronos

Absent from Work

  • Please give a minimum of a one hour notice if you are going to be absent and text the above phone numbers. Excessive absences will result in disciplinary action.  Missing work will also affect overall performance rating when it comes time for your review.

Late to Work

  • Your shift begins at 8:00 am and you will need to be in your seat with your computer on and ready to work.  If you are going to be late, contact your managers (see above). Excessive lateness will result in disciplinary action.  Missing work will also affect overall performance rating when it comes time for your review.
  • If you arrive late and are looking to adjust your lunch period in order to work a complete 8-hours, you must let management know of this request. Management will let you know if this is feasible or not on any given day.


  • You get one hour for lunch at a set time decided by your manager. When you go on break, please log into Kronos and click “Record Timestamp”. When you come back, click the “Record Timestamp” again so your lunch hour is recorded.   
  • Lunch starts are at 12:00 PM and 1:30 PM


  • Always be respectful to clients and speak to them in a professional manner.  Answer any questions that they have and make the extra effort to ensure that they are completely satisfied.  If you are dealing with a client who is angry or unreasonable, stay calm and maintain your patience. Never talk back or argue with a client.  Try to assist them with their problem. If you cannot address the issue or if the client needs to be escalated, pass the call to a manager.

Internal Respect

  • We work in a team-oriented atmosphere and respect all your coworkers.  Always be willing to help. This is one of the most important ideals of this company with a zero tolerance policy.

Receiving Packages in the Office

  • If you have something shipped to the office, please do not unbox
  • Large packages can be broken down in empty office rooms
  • Please use discretion when receiving packages so we do not distract reps on calls
  • Please be mindful of this all year long but especially so during the holidays when gifts are more likely to be sent in


  • Food theft is wrong. The company has a zero tolerance policy against theft.  Please double check when removing items from the refrigerator that the item is yours.
  • It's suggested that employees put their name, department and date on every personal item stored in the refrigerator.  Small items should be placed in a small storage bag so that it can also be labeled.  The refrigerator is meant for temporary storage.  Please use or remove items before they spoil.

Checking Your E-mail/Glip

Please make sure to have your office e-mail open at all times, and be on the lookout for any incoming messages.

Things that may be forwarded to you:

  1. Voicemails (Start of day and after huddles/meetings).
  2. Follow up e-mails related to current tickets.
  3. Informative messages from management.

Also, attention and awareness also applies to GLIP messages. Keep an eye out for messages, as some announcements in the Support Chat are in regards to the whole team. If you do not have desktop notifications enabled, please do so.

2nd Floor Area by Elevators and over looking Lobby

You are welcome to stand in the open area outside of our office by the elevators and near the balcony overlooking the the lobby but please keep your voice down when on the phone.  The sound carries down into the lobby.  In addition, please don't sit on the floor or be in the hallway that leads to the office space for the other tenant.   The other tenant  has clients and executives visiting and it looks very unprofessional when our employees are lounging on the floor.  If you would like to sit please take advantage of the seating in the lobby or the deli space.

Violations of Policy

  • Verbal Warning, Written Warning, Termination

Vacation/Personal Days/Benefits

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