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Client Services Breakdown

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Client Services

Client Services Responsibilities

Client services reps have a variety of duties largely centered on telephone, e-mail, and chat support to provide creative & strategic recommendations to clients based on their individual needs. These strategies include website design/layout, technology integration, online marketing direction, e–communications strategy and design as well as overall online marketing recommendations.

We are not a call center- We are Account Managers.

General Responsibilities:

    • Phone, E-Mail, and Chat-based Support.
    • Website Editor Walkthrough / Advisement
    • Implementing Design Changes
    • Requesting High-Level Design Changes from the Production Team
    • SEO Analysis - Marketing Strategy
    • Social Media Management
    • Upselling Add-On Products
    • Retaining Clients

Daily Tasks of Client Services

    • Check Assigned Tickets (Work Orders/Tasks)
    • Check Appointments (Pre-Scheduled Appointments)
    • Outbound Tickets (Tickets that require us to contact the Client via phone or e-mail)
    • To-Be-Checked Tickets (Quality check design changes that you have requested)
    • Real-Time Chat Support

General Contact Protocol (Process for how to contact a client)

Day 1: Call
Day 2:  E-Mail,
Day 3: Rest,
Day 4: Repeat cycle or request to close through a Team Lead.

For Specific Cases see: Contact (Ticket) Protocols Guide

Service Areas

We only provide full service in the United States (Some products are USA only). We do provide services for parts of Mexico and Canada, but you must check with the CS Manager first.



 Making Phone Calls

Receiving Phone Calls

 Completing Appointments

Receiving Chat Messages   

Completing Call Tickets

Sending Follow-Up E-Mails

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