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Design is the layout and look of the website. We have over 30+ mobile-responsive website designs. The feel and look of the site should reflect the client and their office. We can match the colors of a logo, or any color that they give us. We can also change out the pictures on the flash banner.

What is a Mobile Responsive Design?

“When viewed on mobile devices versus a desktop, responsive websites adjust the layout of the website’s font sizes, images, and buttons; in some cases, they can even be used hide or swap content. This means, in effect, there are two versions of the website - the desktop version and the mobile version. Based on where the message is being opened, PC or mobile device, the code automatically adapts and optimizes to the specific screen size or viewing device.”

Note: Our previous Website Editing Platform did not feature mobile-responsive designs. We are currently in the progress of migrating (moving) them onto our new website platform. You may hear this be referred to as the “New Editor” vs. the “Old Editor”.

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