Suppressed Emails

Subject Line: Emails Not Sending To All Recipients?


We understand you may have some questions about your most recent newsletter, email blast or card not being received by all recipients in your contact list. Rest assured your newsletter, email blast or card was still sent successfully. 

If you have any contacts from your list that are marked as “suppressed emails", please note that these are contacts who have opted out of receiving the newsletters, email blasts or cards. A contact may opt out of receiving newsletters, email blasts or cards for a number of reasons that all boil down to the personal management of their inbox. 

Anyone with an inbox (provided by Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Live, AOL, etc) has the ability to unsubscribe from any email sender. Unsubscribing is always an option from any source, not just from content sent by The Online Chiro/ The Online Practice/ Online Podiatry Sites/ Baystone Media. The recipient may Unsubscribe, Flag as Spam or Junk, filter out or block any sender at any time. 

The portal provided with your website services will always house the contact lists you provide and attempt to send to all recipients. Bounce backs may still occur from not only suppressed emails but also invalid emails (misspelled, deactivated, no longer in use, etc). Additionally, bounce backs may happen if the recipient’s inbox is full. 

The next best steps to take after realizing there are suppressed emails in your contact list are to:
1) Remove suppressed and invalid email addresses from your existing contact list and provide an updated list to be uploaded into the portal. 
2) Reach out to your patients to have them whitelist all emails from The Online Chiro/ The Online Practice/ Online Podiatry Sites/ Baystone Media.

We hope this information is helpful. Thank you for your continued business. 

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