Keyword Reminders

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These are chosen by the client so we can optimize these keywords on the back end of the website. The hope is that when people search for these keywords, the client’s website will show up on search engines.

The more important their keyword is to them, the higher (closer to #1) the keyword should be on this list.

Keywords can be changed, however this should be done sparingly. It takes time to accumulate rankings for keywords, so they shouldn’t be changed too often.

  • 3 locations IN ADDITION to the city they’re already located in
    • Pick towns, cities, neighborhoods - NOT STATES
    • The more specific, the better
  • 7 services IN ADDITION to their market
    • i.e. Chiropractor & Podiatrist
    • List services in order of importance
  • Keyword tickets open?
    • Let the rep with the ticket know
    • Note account and any open ticket that you obtained KW
    • Add KW to the account (my marketing - marketing package - SEO)
    • If site is live, give phase one ticket to Leads
    • Close “Obtain Keywords for SEO” ticket
  • Client updates their Keywords?
    • Update the keywords in admin
    • Open a ticket for Seth with what KW replaced which KW

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