Cancels, Downgrades, Retention

When a cancel occurs, our retention specialist will ask the necessary questions to help save the client provided on the cancellation sheet and try to find out as much information as possible why they are cancelling. They will attempt to retain the client by website tune-ups, SEO changes, etc. Any relevant information you have that could affect this process should be given to the retention specialist when a call is going to be transferred to them for retention/cancellation.

  • ASK questions
    • Why are you cancelling?
    • Is there anything we could have done differently?
    • What is your new provider promising?
  • BRING UP the new designs
    • “If design is a factor in your decision in leaving, we are in the process of transitioning to new, responsive designs in the next few months. I can add you to the short list of people that would like to be moved.”
  • CONFIRM the products they are cancelling
    • A client does not need a website if they would like to keep Blogs, SM, LD

Cancellation Protocol
(Client Services)

cancellation calendar

If the client decides to cancel all packages, you will need to transfer them to the Retention Specialist. If the RS is unavailable, please create a ticket for the retention specialist to contact the client back. If the RS is out of the office, you can transfer the call to the team lead.

Per our cancellation policy, the client needs to cancel 14 days prior to their billing date to avoid being charged again. If they fall into the 14 days, they will be charged again for the packages. If the client doesn’t want to be charged, explain that it is in the terms and conditions that they sign, and they will not be charged again. This policy is in place as we are a subscription based service and we do not have contracts. If a client is getting charged on the 14th day, check with Olivia and we can close the account the day before they get charged by adjusting their cancellation date.

If they cancel their entire site, always tell the client that they cannot take any of our pictures or market content to their new site. If their new site is already live, check the site for our content. If our content is on it, they cannot cancel until it is removed.

Cancellation Reasons

When cancelling any accounts we need to know from the list below what the reason was for cancellation, make sure this is in the ticket for cancellation when entering it in.

  • Billing List
  • Client Service
  • Duplicate
  • Financial Reasons
  • Load Time
  • Mobile Site
  • No Value/Not Seeing ROI
  • Product Limitations
  • Product Quality
  • Sales Service
  • Service Too Expensive
  • Unknown
  • Server Down
  • Practice Closed

Working Cancellation Queue

Queue: Baystone Cancellation Requests -

-Work cases and add yourself to the CS assignee
-If you don't hear from the client after 5 total reach out attempts (call, email, call, email, call), you can send them the form
-SF case status should be "Attempting to Retain" until you either get a hold of the client, or if you send the cancellation form
-Once you get the form sent, change the status to "Waiting on Cancellation form" and save the case
-We do not chase cancels, so once the form is sent, it's on the client to fill out the form

-CANCEL any cases that are over 100 days old

Sending Cancellation Forms

All cancellation forms are under the Baystone/Online Practice folder in Salesforce. 

Baystone Website Cancellation Confirmation 2016 - DENTAL ONLY -To be sent to client by Client Services upon processing cancellation of services confirming site is down.
Baystone Website Cancellation Request DENTAL ONLY - Send to Dental clients that want to cancel
Cancellation - Unable to reach client - for BS OC OP -Send to clients if unable to reach to discuss cancellation process for BS OC OP
Cancellation Form for BS OC OP HTML - Send to clients to complete cancellation form for BS OC OP

Follow Up Email - 1 Week - Send to medical clients 1 week after save
Follow Up Email - 1 Week - Dental - Send to dental clients 1 week after save
Follow Up Email - Post Save - Send to medical clients post-save
Follow Up Email - Post Save - Dental -Send to dental clients post-save

Removing a Cancellation

  • When a client decides they no longer want to cancel, Amy would remove the cancellation - let her know so she can update the sheet and any tracking that is in place
  • Even if domain has gone through a transfer it can still be used


  • Note cancellation ticket (ex: “Client no longer wants to cancel, closing ticket”)
  • Close the ticket
  • Inform Amy of the cancellation ticket number you closed

Fielding Requests from Closed Accounts

  • If you can’t find an account in the admin through multiple searches, you can always double check to ensure the person calling has an active account open
  • If someone calls in and indicates they are a cancelled client, simply ask them if they are calling in regarding a reactivation / new purchase of our services
  • If they indicate they are not interested in services with us but they still have questions, please direct them to the support inbox. Cancelled clients are not investing in our company and you will not be required to field their calls.

“I see the account is closed and we’ve established you’re not looking to repurchase services. The best place for you to get any of your remaining questions answered would be through the support inbox. Do you have that email address?”


“We no longer manage any accounts for you, the best place for you to send any questions or concerns would be to our support box. Do you have that email address?”

*reactivations need to be passed to sales

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