Setting up a New Website

When can you sell a new website (hosting)?

selling a website

**Do not put domains in for purchase—put desired domain name in above ticket

 **Be sure to schedule a design call on full slate and place that info in the ticket


Steps Needed:

Get domain name – note if client is purchasing or we are purchasing domain

Find out what design client wants – refer to gallery links if client is unsure

Include Name, address, practice phone number, office hours, pictures, info, etc that needs to be on the second website

Ask client what information they want on the second website—should we include every page of stock content or match the existing site map? If this is for an out-of-market website, remind the client to send in content specific for this site/business, as we can’t come up with content for them

Put WHY the client is getting a second website — this helps the onboarders prepare for the call, especially when out of our normal markets

Confirm purchase of any additional marketing packages

Obtain billing information – either current billing or get new billing information (if new billing information, new account has to be setup before you can input it, best to write on a piece of paper and put in when account is created)
Same billing – login/contact email will be the same
Different billing – need new email for logging in and contacting 

Schedule design call – check Full Slate for available times

Put above information in a ticket in the original account and send ticket to Olivia

Fill out the upsell form for each package when the new WebID has been setup/created

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