Sales Team Responsibilities

Website Consultants

Scott Pratt - Website Consultant
Shawn Faust - Website Consultant

Sales Process

The customer may contact a salesperson online through the two main websites, and, or through the phone number on any marketing materials. Any leads that we get from the website or the marketing landing pages will be auto populated into the sales CRM. If a client calls in or talked to us at a trade show, the website consultant will enter them into the system as a lead/prospect. 

Once in the Baystone CRM, the consultants will call out on their leads and try to convert the prospect into a client. Once the representative gets the client's credit card information, they will put that into the system, along with respective products, and the account will be converted into a "client" account. The rep will also be scheduling a design call with the client and our onboarding team, which is scheduled through Full Slate. Once the call is scheduled an the client is now in the system, the sales rep must fill out a Google form so the sale is added to our sales tracker. The form contains what package the client is purchasing and the price. Any billing information is inputted into the CRM and not written down or documented anywhere. Once the lead is closed, the billing information becomes encrypted, only showing the last 4 digits of the card.

The rep will then send a welcome email to the client with all pertinent information regarding their new account with us and their call with our CS team. When this is complete, the domains specialist will then create the client's account in portal, create their prospect account in Salesforce, and get everything set for the onboarding call. 

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