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call tracking destination

  • Client will have a different phone number on their website
  • Login to portal to listen to calls - for internal training purposes
  • Track how many calls they are getting from their site
  • 2 month slowdown if client cancels
  • Website only -  phone numbers are not meant to be posted on  for LD or SM websites

Why is it important?

  • Majority of practices have no clear way to monitor and report the volume of phone calls, the quality of those calls, or the outcomes
  • Practices do not realize the overwhelming significance their phone presence has on not only new patient acquisition, but on patient retention
  • Imagine losing the potential revenue being made or lost within a 90 second phone call
  • 87% of new patients who are sent to voicemail or put on hold without a proper greeting will hang up and not call back
  • Can our clients truly be sure that all greetings are appropriate?
  • Half of patients will commit to or confirm their appointments on the phone with a live person
  • It is important for clients to track the calls that are coming from their website
  • “I don’t get any calls from my website” - HOW CAN THEY BE SURE?
      • Patient could have seen an ad, but went to your website to check it out
      • Patient could have been referred, but went to your website
      • Current patient couldn’t find phone number, but went to website

portal call tracking


Identifying Pitch Opportunities

Call Tracking is our newest product. This product allows the client to keep track of the calls coming into their office. This is helpful to document clients who are calling in from the site, log all call information in an easy to navigate system, and ensure that customer service quality is up to standards. This product is $25/month and a true “Set & Forget” product. Once setup is complete, client does not need to do any maintenance, they can simply check their calls when they want to.

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