At-Risk Client Protocol


To minimize cancellations and to maximize saves by getting ahead of the conversation

What is an at-risk client?

  • Clients who request information on how to transfer their domains back into their control
  • Clients who hint to or state they will be requesting a cancellation in the future
  • Clients who get very little accomplished when reaching out for support and who express their dissatisfaction (normally out of our control!)

Now what?

  • Open a ticket with the title “At-Risk Client Contact” and outline the details of the conversation that you had with the client
  • Assign ticket to Team Lead
  • Not in any way penalized for opening these types of tickets - it’s not a reflection of the quality of support
  • Trying to get as much information as we can from clients

THEN what?

  • Leads will reach out to clients and get information and smooth things over with the client
  • These calls can be a simple statement of our desire to retain our business relationship with them as a client, an opportunity to go over their invoices and explain any packages they may be utilizing at the time or any we feel they would benefit from based on research
  • We will be keeping track of client responses
  • 1. Call+E-Mail, 2. Rest. 3. E-Mail, 4. Rest.
  • Four Tips for Responding to a Dissatisfied Customer

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