Migration Process

Initial Account Set Up

- Check the migration sheet for the design
- Navigate their account in portal
- Manage domains
- Add primary domain, correct design, color, first name, last name (no spaces)
- Make sure the correct applications are installed and turned on

- Support Ticket
- Account Info
- Contacts
- Dashboard
- Form Leads
- Website Editor
- Website Analytics

- Create ticket in their account in admin and title it either "Migration - Force Pick" or "Migration - Self Pick" based on the type of migration
- Give ticket to Franclin - MIG
     - Notate with design choice
- Notate migration sheet of the ticket number and the account configured

Post - Migration Check

- Open Up Client Editor and check the marketing packages
- Make sure the correct applications are installed and turned on

Gold Marketing:

Go to the client editor. My Marketing > E-Communication > Export
Upload it in the portal

Go to the client editor.
My Marketing > Website Performance > Newsletter
Check to see they had NL setup for old editor.  If yes, turn on the NL AOP.  If no, turn off the NL AOP.
Click on Manage Domains, Settings, Edit (under Content Market & Expertise), and check all (if yes) or check everything off (if no)

Reputation Tracker:

Reputation Tracker - we'll handle these as they come

Add User sign-in

- Click on Manage Staff
- Click on Add User
- Make sure all the applications are checked so that the user (client) has access to it

Once user is created, change the status of the website from In Development to Active

Set-up form leads for all the forms. 

Accept Disclaimer (since it is a Migration, the client already accept this when they first signed up so you can accept it on portal) Then click on “Receive form contents” box for every form

ACA Disclosure

- Go to My Account
- Change State to State Code. Then hit save
- Use this website if you don’t know the code
- Then go to Disclaimers and check both boxes then hit save

Migration completion

- Update ticket and send to IT Joe - add DNS verification to the end of the ticket subject - check to see if we manage domain
- Create SEO Migration for Seth (IF they have LD, silver, gold)
Send Email to client with preview link

Fill out Migration Jotform

Update google doc

Updating Migration Ticket

Migration completed




to get into the portal 


preview link: 

Domain Names:

Please have the client approve the migration

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