Email Information

  • Our MX record:
  • Client gets 5 email addresses with their hosting package, but we can always create more
  • If a client is abusing the amount of emails, we will have to manage expectations with the client
  • Extra space request --- Speak with a team lead – they get 5 GB per email address, should be more than enough space
  • Are they sending large files like x-rays? - Our email system is not HIPAA compliant

Email Accounts

  • My Account - Email Addresses
  • Not always accurate
  • CS and client can edit this list - doesn’t affect what emails they have on their account

Email Setup

Clients can create emails addresses at no charge.  It takes 24-48 business hours to create a new email address. Create a ticket with the requested email addresses.  We will send them login information and instructions for Outlook.

Resetting Email Passwords

  • Message a Team Lead or IT Specialist if you need an email PW reset
  • We can’t see current password – can only reset it
    • Email
    • Account


The email service that we provide is called OpenSRS.  Clients can log into their webmail account by going to or and entering their login information. They can also login at


Email forwarding can be set up by opening a ticket for IT. All we need to know is what email they want their email to be forwarded to.

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