Account Hold

When a client wants to put their account on hold, they must fill out our Account Hold Request Form.

When an account goes on hold…

  1. The Website is put into Maintenance Mode
  2. We can no longer complete edits on an account (until the client removes the hold).
  3. If SEO rankings are important to the client they may want to reconsider putting their account on hold as this could affect their rankings.

“We would recommend against a hold. if it is strictly financial, they would be better served cancelling everything but the website (including SEO) to have the least amount of negative impact.” --SEO Team

If you have tickets for an account that was recently put on hold, check the account hold ticket and future date the tickets for the day the hold ends. You can confirm with the retention specialist, a TL, or Olivia if you are unsure. If a client calls in and removes the hold early, your tickets will be redistributed to you accordingly.

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