Secure Email and Forms Set Up

Additional documentation can also be found in the form of a Google Doc

  1. Check the open case to confirm desired forms  
  2. Go to
    *It is strongly suggested you bookmark this link 
  3. Sign in with Email on the case and Passphrase  Just copy and paste from case

    husmail login screen

4. Once Signed in go to Chiropractic Forms > Click desired form(s) > hit Preview or Use for the desired form one at a time

Preview or Use

5.Hit Use Template and edit Contact Information on the side due to it having our business information change it to the client's website, name of the practice or doctors name, phone number and address if applicable

edit bio and contacts

6. Name the form (Change the Form URL to clientswebsiteID-name-of-form)

Edit the link (Change web address) at the top in the yellow bar use date that secure form was created 

ex: should be then hit apply and publish changes

public web address

7. Copy the Link log into the portal 

Put the form in the desired Area most forms go on the following pages: New Patient forms /Patient forms, Appointment Request Form, Contact us form, etc (if they have a custom form they can create on their own )

Patient Forms

8.Go to the Desired Page hit edit with the pencil icon that's in the grey bubble 

patient forms

9. Hit the link icon and hit insert  (if you have to add additional forms just indent, you can upload more than 1 form on the page)

insert link

10. Paste the external link that you copied from hush mail for that specific form in the box

external link

11. The title should be the name of the form. Check the box that Says Open Link in New Tab

form title

12. Hit Save. If the website is NOT LIVE, do not publish just hit SAVE. 

Test out the form to make sure it redirect it should show in a new tab 

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