Phone Support Protocols

Phone: 888-932-5560
Fax: 866-230-7972
Email: [email protected]

**The first thing to always do on a phone call is write down the person’s name (you will forget, even if it’s the same name you have)**


“Thank you for calling Rockin’ web support, this is ______ can I have the last name or domain name on your account please?”


Good afternoon, this is _____ from ______, we host your website  How are you today? May I please speak with _____?”

Putting a Client on a Hold

Client’s time is very value, be polite and ask permission if you can place on hold. “May I place you on hold?” or “Do you mind if I place you on a quick hold?” Wait for an answer and when returning, “Thank you for holding”. If the hold is going to long, ask if it’s ok to hold longer or schedule a callback.

Client Treatment

  • Treat clients as if you are a consultant for their practice
  • Refer to Doctor’s clients as Patients

PAR method

           P – Problem Solving

1.  Check all tickets and notes

2.  Resolve clients issues or put in proper support tickets to get unresolved issues corrected. All items corrected by you count as a First Call Resolution.

A – Action and be proactive to take a look at their site for any improvements that can be made if applicable within the context of conversation.

           R - Redirect the client to our new products (upsell)           

Ladder technique

Phone Support Tips

"Politeness helps you stay in control of the conversation."

  • By definition, our job it to support the customer. Politeness and professionalism will give the client confidence in you. Our job is to advise the client, to assist in completing support requests, and to work through any issues they may have.
  • Try to avoid getting frustrated when dealing with a tough client. Staying calm will help you think through the issue to find the best solution to their problem. If you are having trouble finding a solution, reach out to a team lead for advice on how to best complete the call.
  • When advising a doctor who is unfamiliar with websites and marketing, you may need to simplify terms, however, always be respectful of the client. It’s important to remember that we help them because they are not very familiar with these topics. We are the source that advises them on how to run their business, for most of our clients this is their livelihood.
  • If the client ever references an e-mail or message they received, have them forward the e-mail to support@ and have a team lead pass the message along to you. Sometimes clients receive e-mails that are not sent by us, but they could be relative to the doctor. By looking at the message a doctor sent in, we should be able to identify their concern and help them from there.
  • For example: Doctor receives notice about domain renewal, from here, you’ll want to check WhoIs to see who manages the domain, and if the notice of renewal is legitimate or not. If we manage the domain, a client doesn’t need to do anything.

Being Consultative

  • Sometimes edits are going to require added work on our end. Rockin’ Web Support should provide: 
    • Suggestions based off of interests the doc has expressed
    • ex: “I don’t know, I just want my site to look more streamlined…”
      • “Let’s take a look at the gallery and see if there are any new designs you feel are more user friendly for your patients.”
    • ex: “I know your designs are all template based, I’m just not sure if I can get what I want…”
      • “We love when clients customize our templates and add personality to their websites especially with content and pictures- it even helps you get recognized in the search engines.”
  • Reassurance of the services we provide
    • ex: “What is it that you all are actually doing for me?”
      • “Sure, let’s go over your packages.”
    • ex: “Why are people emailing me telling me that my website is wrong and that I need X,Y,Z.”
      • “Because you already have a website online other companies are going to use it as an avenue to contact you for a sale. Let’s go over some of the errors they think they see.”

Calls Containing Abusive Language

Our typical client interactions are positive, productive and proactive! We are really happy about that. However, in the rare instance that you begin to converse with a client who uses profanity, name calling or any other considerable level of abuse during a call, we'd like you to be prepared. Here is the following rhetoric you will need to familiarize yourself with and implement: 

"I am not authorized to field calls of this nature. Our calls are monitored for quality assurance and I cannot field calls that contain profanity or abusive language. If you'd prefer to speak with a manager, I can arrange for contact after this phone call.

Your success is important to us as representatives. We want to make sure that your skills are being put to their most effective use with clients who want to improve their web presence. The escalation protocol will still need to be followed and the completion of a ticket for an escalated call will still be required. If you experience an abusive call where profanity or name calling are being used, please message your corresponding TL chat immediately and one of us will meet with you as soon as your call ends.The above rhetoric is applicable to general CS calls and Design Calls. We want everyone to feel empowered at Baystone.

“Crowd pleasers” for unpleasant clients


  • “Correct, the price of hosting has changed, I’d be happy to go over that with you.”
  • “Sure, I can tell you what you comes with your current package.”
  • “When we’re off the phone I’m going to send you an invoice also. It would be sent to you monthly after that point.”
  • “If you’re looking to save money but still want to make progress with that product, we can always adjust it to our Lite option instead of the Full.”


  • “I just want to make sure you’re comfortable with logging in to portal. Are you in front of a computer?”
  • “If you don’t like your design we can always change it, that won’t have the same lengthy timeline as the migration did.”
  • “If there were any edits you felt were not done properly before we can go over those now.”


  • “Let me make sure you have the most updated keyword ranking report on file.”
  • “The time span for building up an online presence associated with your domain and KW’s is about 6 months.”
  • “If you recently started SEO with us, i’d wait about 3 months before I’d even start checking in on where you’re at with the major search engines.”
  • Avoid “it takes time”- provide a timeline!
  • “Can I schedule an appointment for you with our SEO specialist for a month from now just to check in?”

Dropped Call Protocol

  • If for one reason or another you become disconnected from a client or if they hang up before a resolution is reached, please call them back immediately.
  • Hesitation to follow up with a client pushes the work onto another team member unnecessarily.
  • Anyone on the team can assist a client, but for the sake of integrity and following a task through to completion, take initiative and finish what you’ve started.

Call Transfer Protocol: Rep > Rep

  1. Check to see what the call is regarding. The client may just have familiarity with one rep, but if the clients simply needs to request edits or support, then a transfer is not necessary.
  2. “May I ask what this is in regards to?”
  3. If the client is calling about something that you are capable of handling, let the client know that the other representative is currently busy assisting another client, but you can help them.
  4. “Unfortunately,    X    is assisting another client right now, but I can help you with that.”
  5. If the client is calling about a scheduled call with a rep, check with the rep before transferring the call. We should always avoid blind transfers (transfers without notifying the rep). Let the rep know who is on the line and what it is in regards to. Wait for confirmation to transfer before releasing the call.

Avoid Refused Calls

“Refused calls are those that were not answered by a User. For example, a call was routed to a rotating Call queue, specifically to User A. User A did not pick up his phone, so the call was routed to the User B. User B answered the call. The Performance Report will count the call as answered by User B and will be counted as a refused call by User A.” 

  • Refused calls are also calls that are ignored (by using the button) by the user the button) by the user
    • Continue to report any dropped calls you experience during the day, whether it suddenly stops ringing or you happen to miss it for another reason
    • Make sure you set your phone for “Don't Accept Queue Calls” if you are not going to be at your desk.
  • Answer any call that gets sent to your phone during the work day.

Voicemail Protocol

Voicemails are collected overnight and over the weekend. These requests have a high priority to be responded to, as they typically contain a request for support.

  • Voicemails are distributed at start of day.
  • Voicemails should be called back on immediately in the morning.
  • Time zones may influence when you call, but in general we should be calling on voicemails as soon as we receive them.
  • In rare cases, a voicemail can come through during office hours. If that happens, a Team Lead will message you and forward you the VM.
  • Voicemails are distributed evenly to the team.


  • When on calls, please keep volume in mind!
  • We’re in a shared space and with less people on each side of us, talking more quietly is going to be the best move so that we’re not disturbing other teams
  • Please remember other people are fielding calls all hours of the day

Info that does not need to be shared with clients

  • The client does not need to know anyones individual roles or how long someone has been employed. This creates an issue where the client thinks they can only get quality support from a “specialist/designer/etc.” As far as all clients are concerned, everyone is a “client services rep” and can help them accordingly. Only onboarding has a different designation, but we should all be able to explain that they have daily appointments and we are the team that supports the client once the site is live.
  • Internet Brands owns Officite, TherapySites, Chiromatrix/Imatrix, etc. If a client asks we can share the info, but this should not be freely given away.
  • Baystone, Therapy Sites, and Officite share an office.

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