Review Guard 360


  • Review Alerts
    • Alerts delivered via email and Dashboard when new reviews are posted
    • Reply from email using Suggested Reply
    • Deeplink access to client and competitor information
  • Dashboard
    • Business Information Summary
    • Ability to drill down to gain insights
  • Reviews
    • Visibility to reviews on Top Sites within a single application
    • Easily reply to reviews from within the application
    • Review Reply Best Practices
  • Visibility
    • Connect listings within the application
    • Ensure listings are accurate & consistent
  • Competition
    • Choose competitors that are relevant to the business
    • Compare the business to selected competitors
    • Monitor reviews received for selected competitors
  • “7 seconds someone has judged whether they trust you or not”
    • Timing today can be as low as 1/10th of a second
  • Patients are deciding whether or not to even call practices within seconds of seeing search results
  • 93% of people who read online review use those review to determine whether or not a business is good or bad
  • Healthcare is in the top 3 of review searches
    • Food, Hotel, Healthcare
  • People will skip over a practice with little to no reviews
  • We call it an investment for a reason!
  • Earning money often costs money
  • Results can take a while


  • Clients will receive a Review Alerts via email and on their Dashboard when new reviews are posted on any social site supported.
  • The Review Alert will include the review content, a Suggested Reply from the Reply Library, and the following reply options:
    • Post: post the Suggested Reply from the email and opens a confirmation page
    • Edit: open the Reviews page so the Suggested Reply be edited before posting
    • Write New Reply: open the Reviews page so a reply can be written and posted
    • Note: Yelp Review Alerts include the option to post a Public or Private reply.
  • Help options (Email & Phone) are included within the Review Alert.
  • Site specific Review and Average Star Rating information for the client and their picked competitors are presented, with deeplinks to autologin and view the client’s or competitors’ Reviews page.
  • Deeplinks to auto-login and view additional Review and Competitor information are included at the bottom of the Review Alert.


  • The Reviews tab allows businesses to quickly monitor reviews across the Top Sites. The information can be filtered by rating, site, or date. By default, reviews are presented in chronological order.
  • Businesses can reply to reviews, directly within Merchant Centric, for sites that have been Connected (e.g. credential entered).
  • To reply to a review, the business would simply click the “Reply” button, draft a reply, and click the “Post Reply” button.
  • The business will receive online messaging to confirm that the reply was successfully posted. If unsuccessful, online messaging will provide details regarding why the reply was unable to be posted.

rg dashboard

rg reviews


  • The Reply functionality allows businesses to draft and post replies or use the Reply Library:
  • There are over 600 pre-scripted replies within the Reply Library.
  • Replies can be filtered by theme, business category, sentiment and topic.
  • The pre-scripted replies within the Reply Library can be used “as-is” or modified before posting.

rg reply library


  • The Visibility tab allows businesses to easily monitor their online business listings across the Top Sites.
  • The Visibility tab displays a summary of the information included within the listing, i.e., business name, address, phone number,
    website, hours, categories, photos, etc. Information that is inconsistent is highlighted in yellow.
  • Business listings with complete information, and at least 5 reviews, will earn a status of “Excellent”.
  • Business listings with less complete information, and less than 5 reviews, will earn a status of “Good”.
  • Business listings with minimally complete information will earn a status of “Weak”.
  • Businesses can use the “Connect Listing” button to enter their credentials within Merchant Centric. This will allow the business owner to reply to reviews directly from within their Merchant Centric account.

rg visibility


  • The Competition tab allows businesses to monitor selected competitors.
  • Businesses can use the Marketing Score, as well as, Review Score, Visibility Score, Social Score, and Promotions Score to measure how the business compares to their selected competitors.
  • Clicking on the Reviews or Visibility score section of a competitor will display more detailed information about the competitors reviews or online business listings.
  • While a competitor is auto-selected at the time of account creation, the business can select competitors that they feel are relevant.
  • Selected competitors can be changed at any time.
  • The Pick Your Competitors page allows businesses to easily select competitors, locally & nationally.
  • Competitors can be “Picked” or “Un-picked” from the map or from the list, which can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.
  • A competitor search can be performed by entering the competitor business name, City & State, and clicking the “Update Map” button.

rg comp 1

rg comp 2

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