Onboarding Process

Our onboarding specialists handle all of the new accounts once the website consultant closes the lead. A design and domain are chosen and a design call is scheduled. During the design call, the site is gone over thoroughly and the client is taken through the marketing package QREs. Sometimes a follow up call is scheduled. The onboarding specialist also briefly shows the client how to edit the website, and emails them the walkthrough video on editing the site.

After the design call is completed, the onboarders try and schedule a 3-month check in with the client. If one is not scheduled, CS will reach out in 3 months to see if they would like to schedule a follow up call with the onboarding team.

There are two types of Design Calls:

  1. Design Set Up Call: Client starting a website from scratch.
  2. Move Site Info Call: Client has a website already, we will recreate it on our platform

Pre-Onboarding Quality Control Checklist Part 1 (for General Set Up)

  1. Is the Map visible
    • Is the Map showing the right address?
  2. Are Form Leads configured (all views)?
  1. Is the Phone Number correct (all views)? Note: Have sales differentiate between the practice number and the contact number for the call. Lately the only phone on the account before the time of the appointment is their cell or home number, which carries over to the site and needs to be altered afterwards.
  1. Is the Address in the Header correct?
  2. Is the Mobile Slider showing properly or distorted?
  3. Is the Tablet Slider showing properly or distorted?
  1. Check for Grammatical & Spelling Errors in major areas of the site, including:
  • Page Titles
  • Menu Items & Subtabs
  • Practice Name
  1. Is this a Move Site?
    • If Yes move on to Part 2 
    • If No move on to Part 3

Pre-Onboarding Quality Control Checklist Part 2 (for Move Sites)

Note: Some of these items may not apply (i.e. if a doctor does not have Patient Forms on his previous website), if this is the case, mark the item as NA for Not Applicable.

  1. Has the non-copy written text content been moved over?
  2. Have all non-copy written photos been moved over, including:
    • Logo?
    • Staff Pictures?
    • Practice Pictures?
    • Smile Gallery?
    • Specials, Coupons, or Miscellaneous Images (i.e. Calendar)?
  1. Confirm that all of the client’s practice information is displaying properly. Through error, it is common for our sites to display OUR information by default (address, phone, etc.)

Pre-Onboarding Quality Control Checklist Part 3 (for Display Errors in All Views)

Check for General Display Errors in ALL Versions of the website and on ALL Major Browsers. Note: Some views of the responsive websites do not properly translate the customization of  the website. These views will need to be checked individually (specifically the HOME PAGE) in order to make sure content is displaying properly.

This is especially critical for pages with custom content and coding. It is critical to make sure this work is displaying properly in all views.   Common Problems: Slider/Slider Text Distortion. Text Content Displaced. Spacing Issues.

Display Checklist

    • Checked Desktop In Chrome?
    • Checked Desktop In Firefox?
    • Checked Desktop In IE?
    • Checked Mobile In Chrome?
    • Checked Mobile In Firefox?
    • Checked Mobile In IE?
    • Checked Tablet In Chrome?
    • Checked Tablet In Firefox?
    • Checked Tablet In IE?

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