Website Account Termination


This email is to confirm the cancellation of your website and online marketing account with us.  We are sorry to see you go, and we truly appreciate your prior business. 

Website Content

Please copy any content that you have added to your site that you own the rights to as the account will now be closed. Any content that we’ve provided cannot be moved to your new site. It is licensed to you during the term of the relationship.

Request for Domain Name

If we currently manage your domain, but you would like to continue using it for your new website, please complete this domain transfer form: Once received, we will release your domain to a Network Solutions account associated with the email on the form, and you will be responsible for continued renewal of the domain.

Billing Terms of Use

As per our terms of use, if you have a payment scheduled within 14 days of your cancellation request, you will receive one more charge for the account.  There will be no further charges after this final payment.  If you have provided us with at least 14 days notice, you will not receive any more charges to the account.

New Website Not Meeting Expectations?

In the event that your new website solution doesn’t work out, we would love to have you back as a client.  We will keep your website on file and we will gladly extend a free month of website service.  You can always preview a site and check out our new designs at our website.

Please let us know if there is anything else that we can assist you with in this process.  Thank you again, and best of luck.


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