Design Issues

Design Issues and Feedback (Internet Explorer)

Many design issues are browser related. They may also need to clear their cache or browser history. Also make sure the client has updated versions of their browser and Adobe Flash.  Refer to the IT protocols for browser specific display issues. It is also important to note that varying resolutions can cause the website to look slightly different based on monitor setup.  If a client is having an issue that we cannot replicate on our end, have them send us a screenshot of the issue.

We want to pay attention to how we present answers to questions that could be misinterpreted. For example we all know that IE does not work well with our sites or the editor (either one). We don't want to put ourselves in a position for the customer to interpret our response as it being their fault it's not working correctly.

Point out the benefits of using another browser such as chrome or firefox (more secure, more up to date, the main browser for mobile traffic, etc.) If their old site worked well on IE, and they have moved into a new responsive design let them know that as technology updates browsers do as well, which is why chrome is preferred. We always want to stress the benefits and make sure people feel as good as possible after speaking with us. The biggest thing that we always want to point out is what we can do, or another potential solution that will get them the closest results that they are looking for.

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