Mobile Site Issue

Hello Dr. ,

We are experiencing some issue with the mobile sites loading on Android devices using Google Chrome. The mobile sites are working on all other devices (including iPhone). Also, the mobile site can still be crawled by Google for your SEO. This is especially important as Google has announced an update that will penalize sites that are not "mobile friendly". There is a website that Google has that can test if the website is mobile friendly. Your website without the mobile site does NOT pass the test, and would stand to be punished by Google for failing this test. Your website with the mobile site enabled DOES pass the test - avoiding an mobile punishment in Google's algorithm update that rolled out on 4/21. 

The website can still be viewed on Android phones using the Chrome browser if the user changes a setting in the browser to request the desktop site. This is simply pushing the menu option and checking the box that reads "Request desktop site". This will pull up the full version of the website.

We are planning to have a fix for this display issue soon.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us at 888-932-5560.


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