Working Tickets

Support tickets are used when an action needs to be taken in an account. Initial tickets are created when a client signs up. Clients can submit tickets for changes on website, social media, SEO, etc.

Leads assign tickets to reps. Never assign a ticket to a rep, even if they have a ticket for the same account or webID. Always ask before giving a ticket to another CS rep.

Olivia - Refund/Credit tickets
IT Joe - Tech tickets
Lindsey - Facebook Admin tickets
Seth - SEO tickets
Dennis - Billing tickets

Anyone can handle tickets on inbound calls, whether it be a QRE, general questions, social media, SEO, etc. Make sure to note and address all open tickets when speaking to a client.

Always check tickets for questions from clients. Sometimes we need to call and email the client if they have an additional question. Address the ticket AND reach out to the client.

Admin ticket colors:

Green: Ticket is new. Opened by the client, CS, or a Team Lead.

Blue: A comment has been made on this ticket by the client. Notes left by management or client services will not trigger this color tag. Check the “comments” tab in the   ticket.

Yellow: To Be Checked: A “To-Be-Checked” ticket is a ticket that you created for an editto   be completed by production. When the edit is complete, you will do a quality check of the work. If satisfactory, you will close the e-mail and send the “ticket closed” notification to the client.  

To Be Checked tickets need to be reviewed and closed (or sent back for revision) every day. In general, there should be no tickets in TBC status at 5PM CST. 

Make sure to check for any TBC tickets in your name near the end of the day to ensure that none are pending. This affects our ticket turnaround time for Baystone as a group. We want to mark tickets as completed as soon as they are. 

Any ticket opened by you will need to be checked by you once it’s completed. Tickets opened via the ticketing system or by e-mail will be checked by management.

Protocol: If a ticket is not completed properly, put the ticket back in the name of the ENFRA rep that worked on the task. Make sure ticket is then set to OPEN.
Goal: Quicker turnaround time for ticket completion, especially tickets that require back-and-forth communication between CS and ENFRA.
Reminder: If a ticket is NOT completed properly, it needs to be documented in our ENFRA Tracker sheet.

Tickets should be worked oldest to newest. You can search your name on the ticket screen and view your daily tickets.


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