Notes need to be made in the client editor referring every contact with a client. These notes provide a quick update for any representative answering the phone. Notes also gives our company legs to stand on a year after a cancellation, account change, picture change, etc.

  • Notes should start with “Spoke with…”
  • Check account contacts
  • Note all open tickets in account


  • General Incoming Call
  • Contact Info
  • Outbound Call
  • SEO
  • Billing
  • Cancel Request
  • General
  • Local Directories Conversation
  • Social Media Conversation
  • FCR* (see below)

If you need to edit a note after saving it, you only have 15 minutes to edit your note.

  • Priority notes:
    • Check box when leaving a note that will make the note “red” and stay on top
    • Only used for very important notes that should be read first when looking at the account
    • If you see a priority note that no longer applies, message Olivia to have it removed
    • If a client mentioned that their email has changed, or they note that they typically use a different e-mail address than the account we have one file, please notify a Team Lead to update the account.
  • Account Security:
    • Ensure you are speaking with the account holder or an account contact
    • Ask security question, address on account or the last four digits of the credit card

Adding a note

FCR - First Call Resolution

Starting to keep track of when we are able to help clients on their first call with us. If you select "FCR" when leaving a note, a ticket will be closed in your name with the details of the call.

  • Rules of Thumb
    • If you performed an action on a client’s account/website - YES
    • If it’s related to a ticket or a ticket is created - NO
    • If you answered a general question - NO

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fcr 1

fcr 2

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