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The accounts page is where you can view and search all of our current, potential, and closed accounts. We recommend you bookmark this page and leave it up at all times in an open tab for when an inbound call comes in and you need to find an account.

account type When on the account screen, there are different "types" of accounts. It's recommended to change the type to "blank" (top option) so when searching, you can view all types of accounts. Sometimes cancelled accounts call us, and this allows us to also search the client.

Rarely will you ever see a "Default", "Demo", or "Migration Preview" account

"Client" - current client
"Closed" - cancelled/closed client
"Potential" - *hopefully future client* - if a potential client calls in, they should be transferred to sales

 You can search accounts by using the "Keyword" option. If a client gives their webID, you can search using the "Website #" search box, but a majority of the time you will be using the "Keyword" search box. Phone number (no dashes), domain, email, last name, first name, and webID are all terms that you can search in the search box. Once you have inputted the search term, you can hit "view" and you will see a list of results. 

When searching accounts, the default view will always show the newest accounts at the top (sorted by "date"). You can always change how the screen gets filtered by clicking on any of the titles of the columns.

A pink account means that the client is on the new editor, and a gray account means the client is hosted on the old editor.


To get into the account, you will click on the pencil icon and the website admin will open in a new tab.

account screen search

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