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Any music that is used on a website must be accompanied by documentation that states it may be used commercially.  Most songs from major recording artists and record labels will not fall under this type of usage.  If they want music on their site, we recommend using (they have stock music as well) to purchase a song.  They may also use any site that sells music for commercial use.  When you send us the music file, you must also send the receipt showing that you purchased the music and are able to use it commercially.

NOTE: This is different than purchasing a song on iTunes.  When purchasing a song from iTunes you are purchasing it for personal use.  Using a song with a personal use license on a commercial website is copyright infringement.

We do not have stock music that can be used.  Any music purchased will be licensed only for the individual website. You can then email that song, with the purchase receipt to [email protected].

Thank you!

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