Talking SEO

  • It’s important we provide clients with all of the knowledge we have about SEO the first time they call. Spending time on the topic with the caller is going to make them feel taken care of and as though we are on top of making sure they have a substantial, organically based web presence. It’s a good point to acknowledge that SEO can be confusing and that we are here to help.  
  • Discussing other methods of online growth is good, even if it’s not something we offer. We should educate clients so they can trust that we give them transparent and relevant info every time. Having a discussion about their options will always lead back to us being able to explain our advantage as a provider.
  • Lastly, it’s important to give all relevant info when talking SEO so that if they call in more times about this topic, we can get a proper call with Seth scheduled. When the effort is there each time, it’s easier to get additional help and makes it less likely that callers will push for more hand holding.

Positive Next Steps for Clients Asking About SEO

  • Time is on your side:
    • Every 3-6 months is the window where clients should be checking for improvement in their rankings (this does not mean they should expect to be at the top of the 1st page in this time frame but there should be movement).
  • Personality matters:
    • Social Media is not the only place a business needs to stand out, updating the actual website is going to be just as important as updating other platforms.
  • No one can control the Google Map function:
    • The map is only one portion of the search engine and it is based on the user’s location and their proximity to what they are looking for.
    • The algorithm of the map is much more complicated and is not merit based (organized by reviews) but rather by mileage, major monuments/tourist areas or other elements of location.
  • Reviews and listings are all it takes:
    • Reviews are always what make people decide whether or not to visit a practice.
    • Ensuring that the practice is indexed properly will provide more relevance in search engines.

Helping Clients with SEO Questions

  • Check and see if a client has any first page listings in their most recent SEO report before scheduling an appointment for the SEO specialist.
  • If the client has Gold or LD and does not have a BrightLocal Report, put in a request for one.
  • If the client has time but no BL report, perform some searches on the KW’s they care about most with them
  • If their rankings aren’t where they should be at all, then offer to schedule an appointment
  • Clients should be checking search engines every 3-6 months for MOVEMENT in their rankings  

Have SEO Questions?

  • All Reps should be able to answer questions about SEO
  • Keep in mind, each site is unique and SEO strategies will vary
  • If there is a complex question where a sufficient answer cannot be provided for in real time, please let the client know you will double check with our SEO specialists to gather more information on their rankings before contacting them back.
    • In this case, you need to open a detailed ticket outlining the client’s questions and concerns about their rankings, also include how you were able to advise them up until this point and what questions you have left on how you can satisfy the client
      • This ticket would be opened for Seth

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