Escalation Protocol

Message TL chat if you notice that a call is starting to take a turn and could end up in a client requesting a manager (this active listening will help with other calls as well!)

When a Client asks to Speak to a Manager:

  • Have the client clarify the issue and assure them you are here to help them resolve it from start to finish. Let them know you are writing down their requests and that you are looking at their account (“I’m looking at your website right now”, “Yes, I have your billing right in front of me”, “Let me pull up your BrightLocal Report.”)
  • Never rush a client. Take their requests seriously and keep in mind that they have now taken time out of their day to tend to the problem.
  • Actively express empathy while you look into the issue (“I understand”, “That must be hard to deal with”, “Thank you for your patience today, I’m sure it is busy at your practice”.)

Remain positive and always follow through- if you say you are going to email them after the call or that you are going to open a ticket for them, do these things immediately and remind them they can call us back with any other questions.

If a client insists on escalating the call:

  • Give not only the WebID but the name of the person you have been speaking with, especially if there are multiple names and contacts on the account
  • TL will listen in on call to start prepping for the escalation, or to help assist you in the call
  • IF THE CALL ESCALATES: prep client for at least a brief hold -- this will determine if the client has time to talk and resolve the issue
  • If it is not a cancellation, Glip all specific and relevant details regarding the issue at hand and the steps you have taken to de-escalate before hand.

With your active listening and our proactive response, we hope this will shorten the response time for clients, and help them get the assistance they reques

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