Third Party Performance Reports

If a client calls in because they ran a third-party SEO report on their website....

seo report

First, have them send in the report so you can review the legitimacy of it. You’ll want to refer to the SEO Best Practices that we train on. If there are specific items that we can change (page error, broken links) we can definitely fix those. However, if the report it vague and general, then it is likely just a sales tactic. You should also check our own Bright Local report for reference. If no report exists, create a ticket for the SEO team.

Second, you’ll need to take the time to comb over the website on your own. Website speed is often related to the amount of content. Does the doctor have a lot of videos? Oversized images? These things will impact the website’s “optimization.” From here, the goal is to find common ground with the client. The Client is only calling in because they are concerned about their businesses. Asses the websites performance and legitimacy of the reports, then request any relevant changes that could be made to improve performance.

Good things to mention if necessary:

  • “Please be advised that a third-party analysis tools can only provide recommendations about your website. (Often it’s a solicitation tool).”
  • “We can ensure you that we have taken several steps to optimize your website since sign up.”

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