Portal Navigation

Portal Navigation

The client will log into their account in one of three sites depending on the market if they are on the new editor. The walkthrough video shows you what the client has access to.

We have a different login for the portal:

When in the new portal, make sure the correct market is selected in the upper right-hand corner:


You can get a brief overview of the account on the accounts page.

portal navigation 2

To view the portal, click on the EYE icon. To get into settings, click on the GEAR icon.


Here you can view domains, manage applications, manage the staff, and view client activity. You can also edit any of the information in the header by clicking the Edit icon in the upper left-hand corner.

Website Management – Maintenance Mode

This is used if a client’s billing is declined 3 times, or simply if a client does not want their site to be live. A landing page shows up if this is turned on.


Manage Staff

On the old editor, the client can only have one login and access cannot be restricted. With the new editor, a client can have multiple logins for different people in the office. Click Add User, and enter in the first name, last name, and email address. The Email for Password Recovery will ALWAYS be [email protected]. The password can be chosen by you or the client. It needs to have an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and symbol. Some common passwords for initial setup could be Summer55!, Football99!, Winter55!, etc.

manage staff

Once you enter in the client’s information, you can edit their permissions. A user should always have access to the Dashboard and Support Tickets. Click Save, and then exit out of the Email v2 Properties screen that pops up after you hit save.

Clicking on the Pencil icon will allow you to change the first and last name of the user. It will also allow you to delete a user if a client requests.

Clicking on the Key icon will allow you change permissions on a specific user. Make sure you save your changes when editing a user.

Clicking on Reset will send the client an email to reset the password. If will also send [email protected] a link. Check with a lead if you need this link forwarded to you, but the client should really always be resetting their own password, since they should have access to their email.

(Highlighted items are necessary for any level of user permission)

user management

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